Helen Ryall 

Helen has been the rock of Wuhan Kindergartens throughout these past 12  years putting her all into the company to make it what it is today! She has put  the system together herself by being there, in person, every step of the way.  Watching foreigners come and go, helping them discover new opportunities  and helping them grow as people not just as teachers!


Her number one goal has always been to ensure that foreigners are enjoying their time in their kindergarten, with their friends and more generally making the most of their experience. At the same time as doing this she holds herself responsible for helping the foreigners grow from new teachers into professionals.

With a background in the education system she knows all the tricks, giving her the power to create perfect harmony between the Chinese schools and the foreign teachers. Making sure that peace is kept at all times. With a kind heart and a passion for teaching she is always willing to offer a helping hand and remainis only a phone call away!