Why working for China International Schools Program (CISP) is the best choice for Foreign Teachers?

An independent survey conducted with over 1000 Foreign Teachers resulted in these top reasons why they would encourage others to choose CISP 

Working for China International Schools.Program (CISP) offers numerous benefits for foreign teachers seeking employment opportunities in China. Here’s why it could be considered the best choice: 

Diverse Opportunities: 

China-International-Schools.com cooperates with a wide range of school levels across China, mainly throughout Central China, providing a wide range of job opportunities.  

This means teachers have the flexibility to choose from different student age groups, school sizes, and teaching environments that best suit their preferences and career goals. 

Competitive Compensation Packages: 

CISP offer competitive compensation packages, including competitive salaries, modern, fully furnished apartments provided, health insurance, and other perks, offering full support throughout a teachers entire stay in China 

Professional Development: 

Prioritize professional development for their staff, CISP has partnered with strategic education partners to provide certification and language programs to verify teachers practical experiences. 

CISP facilitates access training workshops, conferences, and other opportunities for teachers to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest educational practices. 

Cultural Immersion: 

Teaching in China provides a unique opportunity for cultural immersion.  

CISP provides immediately upon arrival and ongoing cultural orientation sessions, language classes, and community events, helping foreign teachers adapt to their new environment and make the most of their experience living and working in China. 

Support Services: 

Relocating to a new country can be challenging, especially when dealing with administrative tasks like visa processing and settling into a a new living and working environment. 

CISP offers comprehensive support services to assist teachers with these aspects, easing their transition and ensuring a smooth start to their teaching journey in China. 

Networking Opportunities: 

China International Schools Program provides access to a vast network of educators and professionals in the international education sector.  

This network can be valuable for sharing resources, exchanging ideas, and building connections within the global education community. 

Quality Assurance: 

By vetting and partnering with reputable international schools, CISP offers Foreign Teachers assurance regarding the quality of their workplace environment, teaching standards, and student demographics.  

This helps teachers feel confident about the institutions they are joining and the educational experience they will deliver. 

Overall, working for China International Schools Program can be an excellent choice for Foreign Teachers looking to embark on a fulfilling teaching career in China, offering a combination of professional opportunities, support services, and cultural experiences. 

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