Our Leading Staff

Helen Ke

A founding member of the CIS team, Helen is the mainstay and backbone to CIS. With over 25 years of education administration experience, Helen liaises and manages our team of Foreign Teacher with diligence, care and respect throughout your entire stay with us. You are in no better hands, than with Helen!

Sean Zhou

As an Executive Director of CIS, Sean’s main role is to work with our school Leadership Teams to ensure our Foreign Staff intergrate into their school environment and community, whereby ensuring that teachers have a challenging and rewarding experience working and living with us in China.

Rock Liu

A mainstay at CIS for 15 years, Mr Liu, as Director of Education Partnerships - has been instrumental in growing CIS from a few Kindergarten’s and Primary Schools to over 120 school campuses, ranging from Kindergarten through to High Schools - ensuring at all times that Educational and Administrative professionalism is maintained to the highest standard. This in turn ensures our Foreign teaching team are part of a professionalism, friendly and rewarding working and living environment.

Frank Chen

A CIS and Hubei legend, Frank has been with CIS for over 15 years, and has always cooperated with our teachers with cheer, professionalism and attention to detail. Frank is on call 24/7 to assist teacher with any issues related to your apartment (repairs, internet etc) For over 8 years now - Frank has also taught some of our Chinese Language Classes - and is directly responsible for over 50 of our teachers being FLUENT in Chinese!

Gloria Zhang

Having worked with our Foreign Staff for over 6 years now, Gloria truly understands the issues, goals and objectives of our Foreign Teachers and earnestly works to ensure all teachers are satisfied with all living and working conditions

Zizi Zhou

Zizi is tasked with liaising with our Foreign staff on a daily basis, assisting directly and immediately with all aspects of a teachers working conditions - from lesson planning, availability of resource material, classroom management, communication with school leadership teams etc

Steven Xu

Steven has been with us for a number of years and is known as our “go above and beyond man!”. Steven is dedicated to ensuring our foreign teaching staff are cared for and managed well, so that teachers, school directors and administrations work together for student success.

Lily Hu

Lily’s main role is to facilitate the official Governmental working and living documentation process in China. For our teachers. It is essential all teachers arrive with a Chinese Z Working Visa - Lily ensures this and that all correct documentation is filed and processed. We provide full support for all teachers throughout this entire process.

Nicole Wang

Tasked with working closely with our Foreign Teachers, Nicole is in constant contact with teachers ensuring all details related to your living and working conditions and environment are provided enabling all teachers to be the best you can be!

Chris Lester

With 25 years of TEFL/ESL experience under his belt, Chris started with CIS over 22 years ago, and has introduced over 2000 teachers to our schools over those years, along with another 5000+ to our partner schools throughout China. The principals that underpin the programs Chris helped establish at CIS are Loyalty, Diligence, Care and providing all teachers with Full support. Chris has a knowledge and understanding of our Foreign Staffs life and work in China - that is the envy of all schools.