Tanya Tan

Tanya joined the team with a background in International Education. Starting as a Chinese assistant she has proven herself to be loyal, caring and devoted to the foreign team!


She is now one of our foreign managers there to assist you in any problems you may encounter! Whether they are work related, accommodation related, or health related she can iron out any issues.


She also puts a great deal of time into putting on social events for the foreign teachers, ensuring they are getting out of the house in their free time and once again, making the most of their time with us!


Tanya also shares a passion for teaching and since joining us has paid more attention to developing teachers and helping them provide their students with world class lesson plans. Including fun and games along side a solid learning program!



Tiffany joined us just before Tanyal and came to us after studying International relations at Wuhan University. She also started as a Chinese assistant but proved herself to be worthy of a manager title! To get that title wasn't easy but she has enough motivation and work ethic to earn that title.


She has always been keen to support and encourage or foreign teachers giving them the push they need to develop themselves. She too provides the foreign staff with assistance in any situation. Like Tanya she is more than happy to help in anyway she can!  Not only this, but she can actually introduce you to your new school, eliminating the feeling of being alone! Believe it or not but this is one of the most helpful parts of her title as your first day can be a little daunting!


Between them, Tanya and Tiffany create a friendly and encouraging environment during your time in china! There to help you out in anyway that they can!