Chinese transport has come a long way. And public transport is now readily available ranging from taxis to the subway. All means are available…and cheap!


A typical bus route will cost you 2RMB for an entire route. They provide air-conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter, and, depending on the route, arrive about every 10 minutes. However, the maps are all in Chinese so we suggest you get to know your route before you get on!


Taxis in most parts of China start at 6RMB. A 20 minute journey using the meter will usually cost you around 30RMB which is quite reasonable. In the summer especially taxis are more popular as it can become too hot to walk to various bus stops.


Drivers are helpful and will try their best to get you where you need to go! It's a good idea to have your destination written down in Chinese in your phone so the driver has a clear idea about where he’s going! And don’t forget, any problems, we’re here to help!


China has been developing the underground system, known as the 'Metro' -  in most of the major cities.

Tickets range in price depending on distance short distance is 2RMB and the furthest is 6RMB all station and trains regulate the temperature all year round so it’s considered to be the most comfortable way to travel!