Over the past 10 years China’s citizens have become more and more westernized meaning that fashion is now a big part of your social status and huge brands are now widely available in all big department stores.


Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani are huge and equally expensive. But away from the big brands smaller, yet just as renowned are also here too. To name a few, Levis, H&M, Zara, Jack Jones and so on. So if shopping is one of your interests then don’t worry about lack of venues to fill up your wardrobe



Night markets are a great way to pick up a bargain, as you know china is known for its ‘knock off’ brands and a bit of market shopping is a great way to find yourself a high quality piece of clothing at a low, low price. The markets also have more room for haggling so it’s commonly known that if a shirt is, for example, 100RMB then you should start your price at a much lower price, around 55/60RMB would be a good starting point then you will meet somewhere in the middle. As you become more experienced at haggling then the clothing will become cheaper and cheaper.


Shoes can be a bit of a problem for the men. In a typical shop they will only stock shoe sizes up to 44, the equivalent of a 9. So if you are size 10+ then your only option is to head for the department stores and pay a little extra. However, if you are under a size 9 then you will have a wide selection of shoes available at low cost and there is no lack of variety.