Wuhan International Kindergartens provide a stimulating environment for pre-school children with a modern day approach to the traditional educational and social development of its pupils.

We believe that good early year’s education is of great value in itself and will provide a sound foundation for future learning in life. It will contribute to the physical growth, social, emotional and the intellectual development of the child. We believe that all children are unique and each have a wide variety of experiences, which our kindergartens can build on, and provide an education appropriate to the particular needs of the child.

The Kindergartens acknowledge that parents are the child’s first learning source and recognize that continuous dialogue and sharing of knowledge and experience is important to help children to develop in to confident, competent and self-aware people. All children in our Kindergartens are valued equally without racial or gender stereotyping and we value and respect the different racial origins, cultures and languages in a multicultural society.



  • To provide a stimulating environment for pre-school children with a modern day approach to the traditional educational and social development of its pupils.
  • To provide the best quality oral English in our classrooms
  • Offer a truly memorable experience to our foreign teachers and make them feel a part of the school


Children aged between:

  • 2 and 6 years in kindergarten
  • 6 and 11 in primary school


Monday to Friday early AM start to suit parents, breakfast is served at 8 and classes commence at 9am

Lunch is served at 11.30 and nap time is from 12 noon until 2pm  

Afternoon session: 2:00pm – 2.40pm children wake up and eat a snack then classes start again at 2.45pm

Parents are due at the front gate at 5pm for collection. 

school buses are also available. Call in for more details


The Kindergartens were started by Helen Ke in March 2002   and has been operating in term times continuously since that time.  A high reputation for service and reliability has been achieved. Brothers and Sisters from our first set of pupils now attend, following in their siblings footsteps.

Staffing Levels

A minimum of four staff attend each session to ensure that a very high ratio of staff to pupil is always maintained. The principal or other staff members will be available on a daily basis to discuss with parents any matters relating to their children. 

All teachers are fully qualified and have the highest level of experience when it come to child care. We also offer apprenticeship schemes to allow younger teachers to gain experience whilst they are completing their studies.

Educational Programme

We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our objective is to focus on a child’s personal, social and educational need within a happy and stimulating environment. This will be the foundation for the development of those skills required by children for their future school years. Below are the key areas we aim to develop/

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Language, Literacy and Communication.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Physical Development.

Creative Development.


Refreshment Break and Rolling Snack Time

At each session they are offered a drink. The children are given a choice of drink usually milk or water with a healthy snack. If your child has any special dietary requirements, please make sure these are noted on the child’s record application form.

Health and sickness

All children will be checked by the doctor when they arrive at school for any signs of sickness. They are then given a colored token which represents a state of health. Green for fully fit, yellow for  feeling poorly and red for has medicine and needs checking up on at regular intervals.

If your child is unwell, please do not bring them to Kindergarten. Infections can spread quickly especially with children and the only way to prevent this is for sick children to stay at home. Bringing them to kindergarten will only delay their recovery. If your child falls sick at school they will be taken to the school doctor and the parents will be informed immediately. 


Please be considerate by not parking in front of private drives or entrances. Always be particularly careful when delivering and collecting your children. Parents with other small children wishing to leave them in the car may drive into the Nursery drive.


A Typical AM Programme

08:00                                    Starting time to suit parents.

09:00 – 09:30                      Arrival at Wuhan International Kindergartens. Learning to take off their                                                outside clothes and hang them up. Take library book bags and change,                                                look for your child’s name and put it on our apple tree. Supervised                                                        activities e.g. jigsaw puzzles, lego, duplo, computers, co-ordinating with                                              beads, matching cards, farm animals etc.

09:30 – 11:00                      Freeflow inside/outside play in small groups, craft activities with glue,                                                   paint, drawing, sand, water play, coloured dough, animal farms, train                                                   sets, computers, stories

10:00 – 11:00                      Rolling snack time begins. Milk, Water and healthy snacks. Water cooler                                               on top all sessions.

11:00                                   Tidy up time.

11:15 – 11:45                      Music and Movement with singing to encourage language development.                                               Outside play with various activities.

11:45 – 12:00                      Preparing children for home time.

                                            Outside activities are included when weather permits, under cover                                                       canopy helps with the free flow activities.


A Typical PM Programme

12:00 – 12:30                        Children have lunch in the computer room and main room.

12:45 – 2:00                          Children are split into groups, activities are planned weekly and daily,                                                    these are provided in conjunction with the short term plan.

1:20 – 2:00                            Rolling snack. Milk, water and healthy snacks. Our water cooler is                                                         available for children to drink whenever they wish.

2:00 – 2:45                            Depending on plan activities are offered such as:

  • Musical movement
  • Circle songs/games
  • Phonics books and cards
  • Weather discussion
  • Social interaction games
  • Sharing experiences
  • Group singing
  • Outside play

Children must stay in large groups or split into smaller groups/sometimes into age groups.

2:45 – 2:55                             Children are organised for going home time.

2:55 – 3:00                             Children are collected.