We have always been dedicated to providing the best quality oral English into our classrooms as well as to offer a truly memorable experience to our foreign teachers!


So, how do we do that exactly?


Providing a memorable experience has always been an easy and rewarding goal of ours! We have built a team of around 1000 teachers in Wuhan which embodies around 10-15 different cliques of foreigners, so if you think you’ll be moving out here alone forget about it!


We’ve all come through the same system, thinking we’re alone, scared to make friends. So to avoid this we begin by appointing every new member of our family with a foreign manager. The foreign manager acts as your own personal assistant so to speak, there to provide you with constant support during your time here.

Framework of Friendship

In order to ensure a social environment, we introduce all new members to our existing members by putting on events; such as BBQ’s team building days, football matches and so on! We even have our own teams in some areas. We are constantly trying to bring everyone together to make sure nobody feels left out.

Chinese Class

We also provide FREE Chinese classes to enable you to communicate effectively and satisfy your daily needs. An ability to speak Chinese will give you the independence you need to venture out and explore China. Of course, we provide a competitive salary to fund your exploration. Therefore giving you the chance to custom build your very own experience here. What else could you ask for?