Lesson plans - Kindergarten

Lesson Plan --- A Rainy Day

Teaching Objectives


Students will be able to know the weather, and the vocabulary to describe it.



Student Age











Teaching Procedures



1 Warm -- up                        Time 

Sing a song

Review the last lesson                                             

Present the new knowledge 引入新知           Time 

New words: cloud, rain, sky, umbrella

Teacher shows the kids the flashcards of the words with body language; have the kids repeat after you 3 times, then check some kids.

Practice                                Time 

Activity 1. Play a game—“what’s missing?” game

Put the four flashcards face up on the board. Have them repeat after you, then have them close their eyes and take away one flashcard. Tell the kids to open their eyes and ask, “What’s missing?” Reward the student that guesses correctly.

Activity 2. Let’s do the chant—Rain, rain, go away

Rainy, rainy.

Rain, rain, go away!

Sunny, sunny.

I like sunny days!

Activity 3. Sentence:

What can you see in the sky?

I can see…

Have the kids say after you 3 times,then check some kids by asking “What can you see in the sky?

Activity 4. Let’s sing “what can you see?”song

  Look look what can you see?

  I can see the clouds up in the sky.

  I can see the rain falling down.


Sum-up and review                  Time

Use of teaching aids in this lesson: (appliances, flashcards, multimedia, etc.)

Flashcards of the 4 words



Lesson Plan --- Birthday / Age


Teaching Objectives

Students will know how to describe their age and the age of others.  They will know that they get older on their birthday.


Grade 3-4

Student Age

8-10 years old






Teaching Procedures


1 Warm -- up                      Time5 mins

-Review of rules

- Sing song like “I'm a little teapot” or “5 little monkeys”


Present the new knowledge            Time: 10 mins

- Describe age, get them to guess how old I am.

- write down “I am _____ years old.” Get them to practice.


Practice                                Time 20 mins

- Show flashcards of grandma, baby, xi yang yang (the sheep from pop tv show), superman, and boy or girl around age 10-15 Get 1 or 2 students to stand up and guess for each one.

- Talk about birthday parties, show flashcards of cake / candles, balloons, presents, birthday hat, and pizza. Ask if anyone knows each one, or if they don’t, get them to repeat.

-Sing “Happy Birthday” 2 or 3 times together.

- Write down the question: “What do you want to do on your birthday? Write the answer to the question with a blank below it: “On my birthday, I want to ______”.

- Also write down: “What present do you want for your birthday?” Write the answer below again and discuss examples.

- Put students into groups of 2 to discuss answers. Let them discuss for a couple minutes. Ask pairs to stand up and one person asks the question, one person answers it.

- If there is time, get the students to make a birthday card in their book.

Sum-up and review                  Time: 2 mins

- Review their age, how they say their age, and birthdays.


Use of teaching aids in this lesson: ( appliances, flashcards, multimedia, etc. )

- flashcards of grandma, baby, xi yang yang, superman, boy/girl around 10yrs old, cake, balloons, presents, birthday hat, and pizza.


 Lesson Plan --- Life


Teaching Objectives

Students will be able to recognize different activities that people and animals perform every day in their lives.


Primary Grade Five

Student Age

Age 10 to 12






Teaching Procedures


1 Warm -- up                     Time5 minutes

Teacher sings first then instructs students with the lyrics

Hokey Pokey

You put your left hand in you take your left hand out

You put your left hand inyou shake it all about

Now do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around

That’s what it’s all about! Hey!

Present the new knowledge        Time 10 minutes

Teacher acts out different activities we do in our every day life:

eating, walking, swimming, running.

Teacher gets students to guess each action. What other things do we do every day? Get students to act out and guess what each other are doing (answer by raising hands). Reward as desired (candy, high fives?).


Practice                        Time 22 minutes


Divide the class up in to two teams. Allow for team names to be chosen if there is time. Score 1 point per correct answer:


Activity 2: Animal Lives (7 minutes)

A. Show flashcards of animals and ask students what each animal does in their daily lives. Get the students to present it in sentence form. “A cat catches mice every day.”


Activity 3: Role-play

A. Get volunteers to come up and act as an animal of their choice. The class is to ask the animal, “What do you do every day?” (Write this on the board). The person pretending to be an animal acts out according to the animal that they are supposed to be, and have the class guess which animal they are.


Activity 4: Changes

Draw a “before” picture on the board, and also a “now” picture.  Have the students tell what the change is.  When students start to understand, have them volunteer to draw the pictures.


Sum-up and review           Time  5 minutes


Play Hangman including words associated with activities we do in our daily lives.


Use of teaching aids in this lesson: (appliances, flashcards, multimedia, etc.)


1.       Pictures: (Cat, tiger, gorilla, elephant, dog, mouse)

2.       Lyrics of hokey pokey



Lesson Plan --- Transportation


Teaching Objectives

Students should know vocabulary and a few simple sentences regarding transportation.


Grade 1-2

Student Age 

6-7 years old






Teaching Procedures


1 Warm -- up                    Time 5 mins

-Review of rules

- Do “I’m a little teapot” song


Present the new kno