As a foreign teacher you have a certain role to play in the kindergarten. You’re not only a teacher but also a friend, a foreign brother or sister that the students can feel comfortable around. Not only this but the students will grow to love you and will want to play games with you at every chance so it’s important that you remain positive and make the most of their kind hearts and cherish the memories you make together.

As you know in your own student life the teachers and school staff provided you with lots of positive reinforcement to make you feel confident. We encourage you to do the same what you give is what you’ll get back. If you treat the students as your friends they will grow to love and respect you - creating a powerful long lasting relationship!


During your classes the content should be planned so that every student has a chance to participate. Whether they are great and confident in English or whether they need a little help, all students will want to try but sometimes need a push in the right direction and that's where the positive reinforcement comes in!


Lastly as a foreigner in a Chinese school you will be a popular individual having all kinds of different teachers wanting to talk to you, have pictures taken with you and so on. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone; sometimes it becomes a little overwhelming and you might even feel embarrassed, but do not fear, they just want to make you a part of the school, and we’ve all been there before!


The most important thing is to have fun! Play lots of games, try new things and live the life of a foreign teacher in China!