In our kindergarten we aim to create the perfect blend of Chinese classroom manner and western teaching styles. By doing this we accomplish our goal of providing our students with the highest possible education.


Most of our kindergartens include a senior class, middle class, junior class and maybe a baby class or two. This means that the age range is vast. Therefore the lesson plans will be different for each class depending on their level - but don’t panic! You are not required to produce four or five lesson plans a day! Usually these classes will be spread out throughout the week giving you plenty of time to prepare.


The lesson plans are completely up to you. They should include enough content to make them challenging but also give the students a chance to use their English in a fun and active way, for example through song and dance or though games! Once again if you ever have any problems planning your lessons or coming up with fun and interesting games, your Chinese classroom assistants will be there to help; and if they can’t provide enough answers for you, that’s where the foreign managers come in.


The management system of the actual kindergartens also varies. Some schools come with a head of English others don’t. Usually the head of English will provide you with a timetable for your classes. If your school doesn’t have a head of English don’t worry as the principal of the school will communicate with you directly via your Chinese assistants. The timetable itself will usually be very relaxed. In order for the children to have all the rest required they will often schedule your classes for a maximum of 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. And that’s a ‘busy day’ so there is always plenty of time to plan your lessons! When we say 2 hours we don’t mean 2 hours per class, we’ve decided that the perfect length of a class should be between 20-30 minutes depending on the age of the students, the younger the shorter of course. Anymore than 30 minutes can become too much for the students and they begin to loose focus. So each class should be designed to fit this time limitation.

As your and your student’s relationship grows they will begin to use English in their daily lives making any excuse just to talk to you and show you that they really do appreciate you. Sometimes even saying things completely out of the blue that don’t really make any sense, but this just makes you love them more! As you spend more and more time in the classroom you will pick up and adapt several phrases that the students can recognize. Such as "go to the toilet", "wash your hands" or "have some water", all these are common phrases an English teacher should use in their class