English class also varies between kindergartens. Each school will have a curriculum that  the teacher is required to follow, but content can be completely different depending on  the school. Some schools provide a simple book and assist you in finding songs and other  content, while other schools will provide the works - books, pictures, a syllabus and even  a CD-ROM! However, just because one kindergarten will provide you with more content it  does not mean they are better, it simply means that you are required to be more  creative and therefore develop your teaching skills!

The curriculum itself is a step by step guide for teaching English that you can adapt and customize to suit your own teaching style. It is an innovative design that has the best from both worlds combining eastern and western classroom manners and styles. A typical chapter of the book will look a little like this:


UNIT 1 – Common Foods

1.         Words to be taught –   Porridge      Noodles         Rice        Dumplings

2.         Sentence patterns –    What’s your favourite food?

                                         My favourite food is….

3.         Additional Words   –     Cup           Bowl             Chopsticks           Spoon

4.         Additional sentence patterns - What do you use?

                                                   - I can use my bowl

5.         Songs

           –   Are you eating? Are you eating?

         Yes I am, yes I am

         I am eating, I am eating

     Porridge and rice, porridge and rice


This chapter of the book could last up to 3 weeks depending on the level and age of the students. The book doesn't need to be rushed, what’s important is that you are having fun with the students and encouraging them to have a try at learning!