As mentioned previously we aim to use the perfect mix of western teaching methods alongside the Chinese traditional teaching methods. We believe that this fusion provides the best possible start for the children, introducing them to a new form of learning and giving them more freedom in school.


As China continues to develop as a country  - western culture is becoming more and more common, meaning that the need for native speakers has grown dramatically in order to familiarize young Chinese children with western beliefs. We aim to break the normal style of teaching and bring in our own system which is a touch different from the Chinese system.


English is now essential in Chinese life and by being in the classroom you are providing the children with the fuel they need to enjoy learning English and continue throughout their school life! From a young age you will teach them how to interact with foreigners and also teach them the fundamentals of pronunciation, sentence structure and grammar that has lacked previously, therefore giving them a head start in English and giving them a thirst for more.