China’s night life is hugely different from western night life; however, this doesn’t mean its boring or different in a bad way, it just means individual. It’s a big attraction in this generation and more and more people are heading to the clubs over the weekend sometimes attracting hundreds of people and include a whole strip of bars and clubs!

Clubs and bars provide entertainment for their customers. Hosting shows and competitions to keep the vibe alive! Clubs have a different lay out to regular western clubs. There is no real dance floor usually just filled with tables, booths and stages. 

Chinese locals are friendly and welcoming! They are always keen to invite you for a drink or a dance often requesting a ‘gan bei’ which means to drink up!

China has a number of big brand restaurants, and an uncountable amount of traditional Chinese restaurants available. With regards to pricing its again very similar to the supermarket situation. Chinese style restaurants are cheap and simple however western styles can be more expensive and fancy. Often offering a whole menu of western foods, steak, pizza, milkshakes are all on the menu over here!

Not to mention the fast food business is also big over here! KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut and many others can be found everywhere so if you ever have some cravings for foreign food these are available sometimes even 24/7.


Eating habits are completely different in China. No one will ever order   a meal for him/herself they order for the whole table. Often having 5 or     6 different dishes on the table for everyone to tuck into! This way it      encourages everyone to get involved in the conversation and share their  thoughts on the food quality.


China also has night stands open until the early hours of the morning. These come in the form of a BBQ stand which will offer mixture of meats and vegetables. Just be careful to ask for no spice or they will make it incredibly spicy!